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Quantitative biomarker analysis is very important in prognosis or outcomes research, experimental biomedicine, drug development, cancer research, targeted therapy, pharmacodiagnostics, and ultimately in selection of the best treatment for each individual patient (personalized medicine). Quantitative biomarker analysis also makes results of various biomarker studies reproducible and comparable between different laboratories. Our company offers an advanced image analysis solution that consist of OTMIAS ® image analysis software and O-STANDARDS. Learn more about what makes our biomarker analysis solution unique.

OTMIAS ® is an advanced image analysis software for quantitative biomarker analysis, cell cycle analysis (DNA ploidy), proliferation assay, and apoptosis assay on sections of formalin fixed and paraffin embedded tissues or cells. OTMIAS ® does not require dedicated hardware so you could just install and use it it on a computer you already have. Just follow the illustrated step-by-step instructions in the User Manual.

O-STANDARDS™ are paraffin blocks of formalin fixed cells to be used as reference standards in biomarker assay by OTMIAS ®. We offer standards for thymidylate synthase (TS), topoisomerase 1 (TOPO1), topoisomerase 2 alpha (TOP2A), p53, JAK2, p-JAK2 , Met, p-Met, p-p14/42 MAPK, PRAS40, p-PRAS40, Bcl2, c-myc, STAT3, p-STAT3, STAT5a, p-STAT5, p-mTOR, AKR1B10, AKT, P-AKT, ALK, NFKB p65. We also offer standards for proliferative assay (S-phase fraction) as determined by cyclin A immunostaining, apoptosis as determined by cleaved caspase 3 immunostaining, and oxidative DNA damage (8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine). While O-STANDARDS are designed to work with OTMIAS ®, they can also be used as external controls in routine immunohistochemistry applications.
If you want to work on a biomarker for which we do not currently offer O-STANDARDS, please use the ContactUs form to communicate with us; we will be happy to provide custom solutions for you.

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